A Duet with You

Having grown through the years, HORSE is acknowledging its social responsibility as a dance troupe. The unique experience that dance brings to people is beyond our imagination. Using participatory art as a means, we are constantly seeking possibilities for dialogue through dance. Our hope is to introduce the art of dance to more places, particularly among the disadvantaged communities where a professional dance troupe can make a difference. The opportunity for people to touch and enjoy art should not be made different because of their age, economic status or cultural background. The concept of cultural rights should apply across all social hierarchical groups and professions. In solidifying a foundation to promote art to the public, we have created a type of participatory art that helps knit a more integrated society.


A Duet with You, a project designed to engage seniors, is led by HORSE general director SU Wei-Chia and dance therapist HSIEH Hui-Chao as co-curators and instructors. Dancers by training, SU and HSIEH both have a professional and solid background in dance training. SU and several of his dance mates co-founded HORSE more than a decade ago and have continued to advance themselves as artists. Years of collaboration with professional dancers have given them a unique sensitivity to movements and expressions of the body. HSIEH earned a master’s degree in art therapy in Massachusetts, US and became a certified therapist. Since returning to Taiwan, HSIEH has contributed to the well-being of various entities with her therapeutic expertise and accumulated valuable teaching experience. Her approach to art therapy helps explore interpersonal relations, de-stressing and self-care.

Instructor|SU Wei-Chia, SIE Huei-Chao

Presentation history

2018.12.01-12.09  National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2019.04.27-05.05  G9 Creative Park, Chiayi, Taiwan

2019.07.12-07.14  Taiwan Tulip Movement Disorders    Association, Hualian, Taiwan

2019.12.20-12.22  Yin Huo Health Association, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2020.08.26-08.30  HORSE, New Taipei City, Taiwan

2020.12.04-12.06  Southern Branch of National Palace Museum, Chiayi, Taiwan

2021.03.12-03.14  OISTAT, New Taipei City, Taiwan


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