I Am My Body, 2020 WIDF

身體我的名片 I Am My Body

Date | 2020.11.22 Sun.

Time | 11:00-17:35

Venue | Performance Art Theatre, Shulin Arts Center

Duration | 6.5 hrs

Ticket Price | NT$ 600

*The performance contains nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

*Please follow the assigned seat number on tickets for the whole performance. 

*There is a 15-minute break every 75 minutes, along with a 60-minute lunch time.

Artists |

11:00-12:20 CHEN Yi-En/ LIN Yu-Ju/ PENG Rex/ SU Pin-Wen

12:35-13:50 Mauro Sacchi/ WU Yu-Hsien/ HUANG Huai-Te/ CHENG Chih-Chung

14:50-16:05 CHUNG Chang-Hung/ LIN Wen-Chung/ YEN Feng-Hsi/ YU Yen-Fang

16:20-17:35 CHEN Wei-Ning/ YANG Sunny/ CHOU Shu-Yi/ Watan Tusi

A 6.5-hour performance with 16 artists sharing their journeys on a variety of dances types: Contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Tap dance and Argentina Tango and many more. Each artist has 15 mins to present themselves via dance, spoken words and Q&A session. 


This program allows both dance-lovers and first-timers to experience the intimate dance monologues presented by each artist, exploring what dance means to them, their backstory on becoming an artist, and what goes on in their minds when they are performing.