Premiere Time

2012.04.19 Thu. 19:30

2012.04.20 Fri. 19:30

2012.04.21 Sat. 19:30

2012.04.22 Sun. 14:30

2012.04.26 Thu. 19:30

2012.04.27 Fri. 19:30

2012.04.28 Sat. 19:30

2012.04.29 Sun. 14:30

Premiere Venue

Experimental Theater, NTCH

2 Men, is the collaborative creation between Edward Lam, the sharpest observer of culture on both sides of the Taiwanese Strait, and the choreographers Wu-kang Chen and Wei-chia Su. Starting with the premise of “two men who are most familiar with each other,” 

Wu-kang Chen and Wei-chia Su have known each other for 15 years, and over time, the emotional build-up between the two playmates/colleagues has become complicated and subtle. Aside from a shared intimacy, their relationship also sometimes features an undercurrent of mutual competitiveness. Their collaboration with Edward Lam adds a whole new source of stimulation. With his trademark precision and intricacy, Lam provides a rich entry point into the various flavors of the relationship between the two men. This new point of view liberates the two performers from their habit of developing movements from physical elements, and turns them towards a psychologically-based starting point. 

Music-wise, HORSE furthers its open-minded experimentation of sound design in recent years, and collaborates with improvisational pianist Shih-yang Lee in the daring use of the prepared piano device. Shih-yang Lee’s energetic, explosive piano work most certainly ups the ante on the experimental nature of the two HORSE artists’ performances.


2 Men revolves around the theme of friendship. The piece by Chen Wu-Kang and Su Wei-Chia quickly proceeds to a strong middle part in which the two dancers probe the depths of psychological fissures in a relationship. Congenial accompaniment is provided by pianist Lee Shih-Yang on an open piano, sounds reminiscent of John Cage. The end is surprisingly comprehensible: the two men find their way; carry and support each other along to the soft tunes of the piano. Pina Bausch’s Ten Chi sends its regards.

 – Andreas Meyer,

Touring History

2012.05.25 – 05.27 Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan

2012.09.06 Quanta Arts Festival, Taiwan 

2012.11.02 – 11.03 Shanghai-Jing’an Modern Drama Valley, China

2013.07.03 Kurt Jooss Preis, Germany

2013.10.16 Huashan Living Arts Festival, Taiwan 

2014.03.14 – 03.15 NUS Arts Festival, Singapore

2014.11.21 – 11.22 Hellerau Theatre, Germany

2015.03.05 – 03.07 Hong Kong Arts Festival, China

2015.04.30 – 05.03 Quanta Arts Cross-straits Small Theater Art Festival, China

2015.06.04 – 06.06 San Francisco International Arts Festival, USA

2015.06.09 Oregon Shakespeare Festiva, USA

2015.10.23 – 10.25, 10.28 – 10.31 Beijing Drum Tower West Theatre, China

2015.12.18 Shantou University New Wave Arts Festival, China

2016.06.03 – 06.04 Guangzhou Opera House Experimental Theatre, China


Collaborators | Edward Lam, Chen Wu-kang, Su Wei-Chia

Performers | Chen Wu-Kang, Su Wei-Chia

Live Piano | Lee Shih-Yang 

Technical Director | Liu Chia-Ming 

Stage Design | Huang Jih-Chun

Lighting Design | Chen Chao-Chun 

Costume Design | Teng Yu-fang 

Photographer | Chen Chang-Chih 

Company Manager | Wen Huang

Associate Producer | Cordelia Yang

Administration & PR | Hsieh Yi-Ming 

Production Team | Aeropack Design & Production Company

Graphic Design | Mistroom


國家兩廳院 NTCH