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Experimental Theater, NTCH

Two Duets is a set of two duet dance pieces. A duet dance is a dance performed by two dancers – having contact, or no contact, leaning on, listening to, embracing, leading, following, bearing and sharing with each other.


The group consists of two couples. Collectively, we set out for a dance work that was to be done in a very natural, convenient and unique way. We didn’t intend to bring our own marital problems into the mix but simply wanted to each create a cleanly choreographed duet dance. Halfway through, we found out that one duet was intense, the other calm, one was mysterious, the other straightforward, one was passionately emotional, the other dully rational. 


Two duets with counter views overlap in time and place and become the sight for each other. The so-called parallel worlds might just look like this!


“Counterparts placed in juxtaposition open up multiple interpretations for this dance work. The comparison can be political, cultural and even aesthetical.”

                                           -ZOU Jhih-Mu, Performing Arts Review


2016.08.12-08.13 International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City


Choreographers & Performers | Chen Wu-Kang, Yeh Ming-Hwa, Liu Kuan-Hsiang, Chien Ching-Ying

Sound Design | Yannick Dauby

Lighting Design | Liu Chia-Ming

Costume Design | Eve Wu

Illustrator | Tsai Wan-Shuen

Associate Producer | Yang Shu-Han

Viedo Record | Chen Kuan-Yu

Graphic Design | Big Plexus Design



國家兩廳院 NTCH