photo by Wayne Lu

SU Wei-Chia was born 1981 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He was trained at National Taiwan University of Arts and enlightened by Professor WU Su-Fen. Later in 2004, SU established HORSE for which he performs and creates new works. In 2007, a collaborative work Velocity won the 2007 Taishin Arts Award, Taiwan’s annual prize for the best performing arts work across all genres. In 2012, a biographical work 2 Men created and performed with CHEN Wu-Kang became the First Place (Prize) winner and Audiences’ Choice winner of the 2013 Kurt-Jooss-Preis, Germany. SU was also invited by Eliot Feld to join Ballet Tech in New York as a Guest Dancer from 2009 to 2013.

In 2013, SU initiated a ten-year plan of choreography known as FreeSteps, focusing on exploring the relations between contours, movements, characters, rhythm, music, and light. It pursues an ultimate delicacy of a dancer’s body to stimulate the viewers to project their emotions and imaginations. In 2015, a performance of FreeSteps was described as “a succession of shocks that drive the imagination into obscure and delicious depths” by CDC – Théâtre des Hivernales, France. SU was selected as the Artist-in-Residence of the National Theater and Concert Hall of Taiwan in 2016, and was commissioned for a performance of FreeSteps for the Taiwan International Festival of Arts.

In addition, SU involves in various cross disciplinary projects. Such projects include the public art installation curated by LuxuryLogico and funded by Tapower Co.; ArtCross projects initiated by Middlesex University and other institutes around the world; choreography and movements direction for the theater works by Hong Kong director Edward Lam; and choreography for the openings of the 2009 Summer Deaflympics and the Universiade Taipei 2017.