The infinite possibilities delving into the here-and-now encounter between sound and body.


As shown in a performance project of improvisation, exploration, and mutual challenge. 


The serial project Primal Chaos – Dance X Sound Improvisation started in 2016 by HORSE invites performers to improvise with live sound and body in the dance studio.


Every performance thus opens up a unique first-time dialogue between performers, who eventually become the inspiration of their partners.  

Season 2, No 1.

LU I-Lin  X Mike Tseng

2017.08.30 (Wed.) 20:00


Season 2, No 2.

Yuri Ng X Joëlle Léandre

2017.11.05 (Sun.) 20:00


Season 2, No 3.

Sunny Yang X  Makigami Koichi 

2017.11.28 (Tue.) 20:00


Season 2, No 4.

YU Yen-Fang  X Sayun Chang

2017.12.06 (Wed.) 20:00


Season 2, No 5.

YEH Wang-Chou X Non-Confined Space 

2018.01.03 (Wed.) 20:00


Season 2, No 6.

HUANG  Huai-Te X HUANG Da-Wang

2018.01.03 (Wed.) 20:00


Season 2, No 7.

CHIU I-Wen X LAI Chi-Hsia

2018.03.07 (Wed.) 20:00


Season 2, No 8.

CHENG Chih-chung X CHOU Shu-yi X LIN Hui-Chun X Shuichi Chino

2018.04.11 (Wed.) 20:00


Curator| CHEN Wu-Kang, LEE Shih-Yang



驫舞劇場 HORSE
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