National Theater


2014.05.10 (Sat.) 14:30

2014.05.11 (Sun.) 14:30

Leaning against each other, people are comforting each other and meanwhile sharing their heart beats and temperature with each other.

In the practice of socialization, we learn to fit in with our scripts and costumes.

Those faces in the crowd are nothing but another reality in the scenery on the stage.

Don’t rush to throw up all the sins in your stomach. Please keep them and gently swing and dance on my tomb,

Because we will eventually assemble in the downfall of human festivities on the day when we will never take off the mask.

With dance, we shall sing to the ritual.



Choreographer | CHEN Wu-Kang

Collaborators & Performers| LIN Wen-chung, HUANG Chang-Hao,HUANG  Huai-Te, YEH Ming-Hwa, LIU Kuan-Hsiang, LIU I-Ling, CHENG Hao, SU Wei-Chia

Music Director|LEE Shih-Yang 

Music Design/Musician|LEE Shih-Yang,  CHEN Yu-Jung, Mark van Tongeren

Technical Director/Stage Manager| LIU Chia-Ming Stage Design|Mimi Lien

Costume Design|Eve Wu

Lighting Design| CHEN Chao-Chun 

Technical Design|YANG Chin-Yuan 

Viedo Record|Greg Lee

Graphic Design|Winder Chen

Photography|CHEN Chang-Chih 

Executive Director| YANG Shu-Han

Marketing|CHIU Yu-Chen






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