Experimental Theater, NTCH


2017.06.02 Fri. 19:30

2017.06.03 Sat. 14:30, 19:30

2017.06.04 Sun. 14:30

I want to see the piece throughout its progression from the perspectives of these roles–dancer, choreographer and audience.

After my initial concept was conceived, I was driven to share the sensation brought to me.

It’s pure dynamic, not shape forming.

It’s a way of moving that can be interpreted deeply or superficially.

I assigned two performances to two dancers very close to me. Ming-Hwa Yeh, my wife, and Yu-Ting Fang who dances with me every day alongside Wei-Chia.

They help me to discover new aspects and unknown territory.

Being naked, in order to see more clearly

To hear better


Sweat is but a substance resulted from the process of heat discharging 

Yet I believe, poetically, it speaks of something.  

One Dance, one dances, one danced.


One dance, one dances, one danced, a dance piece of absolute purity, uses water-writing mat to develop the second perspective, which not only expands the senses but also alienates the meaning of sweat due to the form adopted in the work.  We see the naked dancer rendering the emotions of life on the rectangular water-writing mat.  Each stretch and swing, turn and twist brings the sweat to shape under the feet – which is his strength indeed.

Performing Arts Review Platform, Wu Shun-Yuan


Choreographer | CHEN Wu-Kang 

Performer | CHEN Wu-Kang, YEH Ming-Hwa, FANG Yu-Ting

Lighting Design | WANG Tien-Hung 

Stage Design | LIAO Yin-Chiao, MA Ant 

Stage Building | LIN Yi-De 

Production Consultant | SUN Ping 

Executive Producer | WU Ko-Yun

Stage Manager | TENG Hsiang-Ting Grace 

Light Technician | CHOU Chia-Yi 

Technicians | WANG Fang-Ning, WU An-Ling,  LING Jing-Yi, CHEN Yun, KUO Huei-Yu 

Photographer | CHEN Etang 

Filmming | LIN Jessica Wan-Yu, CHEN Kuan-Yu