2021.05.28(Fri) 20:00 ~ 22:00

The title Archiving conveys a sense of spontaneity, suggesting that the establishment of a database is a continuing process. Through this project, we took an inward-looking and retrospective view at HORSE’s historical discourse and creative context through a collection of the theater’s works and tangible data about its artists over the years. Allowing artists to “retell their history”, the project asked the major artists at HORSE to look back at the tracks of their creation triggered by their intuition and other factors in each stage of their creative process over the past 15 years.


Held in the format of an on-site forum, HORSE Archiving showed the development of HORSE since its inception by Chen Wu-kang and Su Wei-chia in several stages: the initial stage of “collective creation”, the medium stage of having a “choreographer-to-dancer” relationship and the current stage of having an “artist-to-artist” model. We dug out HORSE’s historical data and footage to give you an oral account of its past and propel us all into the future.


The 2020-2021 HORSE Archiving was sponsored by NCAF’s International Art Exchange Grants


Oral History Member|CHEN Wu-Kang, SU Wei-Chia, YEH Ming-Hwa, HUANG Wen 

Data Compilation| YEH Ming-Hwa, CHUNG Chang-Hung

Prophase Associate Producer|CHUNG Chang-Hung

Lecturer| CHEN Wu-Kang, SU Wei-Chia

ProducerHUANG Wen 

Curator |YEH Ming-Hwa

Project AssistantWU Ho-Ju, FANG Yu-Ting 

Photography|FANG Yu-Ting 

Graphic Design WANG Siou-Wen


Supporting Sponsor