National Theatre and Concert Hall outdoor area


2019.03.29 Fri. 18:00

2019.03.30 Sat. 18:00

2019.04.05 Fri. 18:00

2019.04.06 Sat. 18:00

FreeSteps – NiNi is SU Wei-chia’s work at the sixth year in his 10-year choreography project, in which he walks out of the theater and comes near you and me. It means that you will encounter dancers under a street lamp in the city, where all of the elements, including the temperature, lighting and landscape at that time as well as people like us in the surroundings, become materials for the dancers’ creation. Their physical bodies may be stretching or curling up or dancing in merriment or in pains. The variation of physical quality, the revolving of dancing steps, and shadows on the bodies left by light all contribute to shaping a physical sculpture. 


The FreeSteps series sets out to look for the purest essence because it brings forth the most delightful freedom. It has neither anything to do with goals, concepts and allusions, nor anything to do with overly precise and delicate arrangements. Let’s get rid of fixed imagination, expectation and assumption because it is simply a struggle between dancing steps and physical bodies. Please bring along with you the courage to let imagination run freely and expect to encounter the pure touching moment that belongs to nobody but you at the minute of inspiration.


Dancer | FANG Yu-ting

Choreographer | SU Wei-Chia 

Sound Design | Yannick Dauby

Technical Director & Lighting Design | LIU Chia-Ming

Stage Design | LIU Chia-Ming, SU Wei-Chia


Technical  Production| Inno Concept Design&Production Company

Lighting Production | CitySmart Optotec Corporation

Stage Production | Arttrm Co.


Artistic Director  | CHEN Wu-Kang

Producer|HANUG Wen 

Prodution Managerr|CHIEN Ching-Tzu

Company Coordinator|YEH Ming-Hwa

Administrator | YANG Jung

Video Record | CHEN Kuan-Yu CHEN Shih-En

Photography  | CHEN Chang-Chih

Music  | Kali / The Disaster Area / Treasure, Distant Village / Drumlin Fields

Presentation History

2019.04.13-04.14 National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), Taiwan

2019.07.20-07.21 Chiayi Performing Arts Center, Taiwan

2019.10.04 One Dance Week, Boris Hristov House of Culture Lobby, Bulgaria

2019.10.12-10.13 Tainan Cultural Center, Taiwan

2019.10.18 Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Taiwan

2019.11.23 National Palace Museum, Taiwan

This production is commissioned by National Theater of Taiwan.