National Taichung Theater Tutu Gallery


2017.11.20 – 11.26 

14:00 / 14:45 / 15:30 / 16:15 / 17:00 / 17:45

The nature-inspired curved shell of Taichung Theatre and the flow of light within the space perfectly echo the creative concept of FreeSteps.   Since its first edition, the choreographies of FreeSteps throughout the years have been exploring the new possibility of the curves of human body to visualize the most organic transformation of the body as a return to the pure relationship between dance and dancers, an idea found similar to Toyo Ito’s design of Taichung Theatre featuring a back-to-nature concept.  With such a similarity between the artistic concepts in dance and architecture, we begin to imagine a greater possibility, which results in the creation of FreeSteps – Immersive Curve.

We fantasize the transformative dance from daylight to night in FreeSteps – Immersive Curve, while the unique form of exhibition-performance allows it to respond to the different spaces at Taichung Theatre in every possible way to reveal a myriad of FreeSteps.   By organizing workshops for professionals and the greater public, we also invite the dancers, dance professionals, or dance enthusiasts in Taichung to physically practice and create their own FreeSteps.


Choreographer|SU Wei-Chia 

Performers|FANG Yu-Ting, Tamaki MizunoI, HUANG Yen-Lin, LU Mei-Yun 

Sound Design|Yannick Dauby

Technical Director/Lighting Design|LIU Chia-Ming 

Stage Design|CHEN Chao-Chun 

Production team|Aeropack Design & Production Company

Producer|HUANG Wen 

Associate Producer|CHIANG Yi-Hsuan