2017.3.30 Thurs. 19:30

2017.3.31 Fri. 19:30

2017.4.1 Sat. 19:30

2017.4.2 Sun. 14:30


Experimental Theater, NTCH

SU Wei-Chia collaborates with CHEN Wu-Kang and Chou Shu-Yi, top-ranked Taiwanese dancers known for their unique styles and unparalleled techniques, in 2017 FreeSteps – Body Scenes to polish and sculpt a bodily gesture featuring a freedom built on “limitation.”   The six solo sections present a sculpture-like artwork reaching the depth of soul to confront the extreme possibility of the body with uncompromised sincerity.  


The performers have been through a journey of strenuousness, trial-and-error, and the transformation of body, until the “limitation” is engraved in the muscle memory.  The drastic undulation of ribbons caused by short breathing, as natural as it is growing to be, challenges the borders which used to define freedom and limitation, allowing us to begin to enjoy the beauty of body.   What we have experienced will bring up a new imagination of body with a deep overwhelming touch as a departure in search of body scenes.  


This latest FreeSteps is certainly a remarkable exhibition of the solo male body in motion. Throughout, both Chou and Chen exude a sense of being totally in the moment and at one with the dance.

David Mead, Seeing Dance Asia

As the body jumps into the myth, Su Wei-chia sculpts the dancers’ body and movement as if working on a sculpture in motion, and he finally transforms the dancers into mythical figures.   

TSOU Shin-Ning, Critic, INK


Choreographer | SU Wei-Chia 

Performer | CHEN Wu-Kang, CHOU Shu-Yi

Sound Design | Yannick DAUBY

Technical Director/Lighting Design | LIU Chia-Ming 

Stage Design | CHEN Chao-Chun 

Production team | Aeropack Design & Production Company

Producer | HUANG Wen

Executive Director | CHEN Arnie 

Associate Producer | CHIANG Yi-Hsuan,  CHIEN Ching-Tzu

Coordinator | YEH Ming-Hwa 

PR & Branding | ART B&B LIN Nung 

Graphic Design | LEE Shiun-Huan

Photographer | CHEN Chang-Chih,  SU Wei-Chia

Filmming | LIN Jessica Wan-Yu,  CHEN Kuan-Yu, LIN Shi-Jie, CHEN Shi-An

Technical Crew | PENG Jiou-Fang, WAN Shu-Wei, HUANG Sean, CHENG Ching-Hung

Touring History

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2017.11.30-12.01 Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater, Shenzhen 

2019.08.02-08.03 Theatre Above, Shanghai

2019.10.01 A4 – Zero Space, Slovakia

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