Shulin Arts Center


2019.08.24 Sat. 19:30

FreeSteps is a ten-years-project initiated by SU Wei-Chia since 2013. The project is aiming to explore the most primitive status of dance and to re-explore the possibilities of dancing. The proposition in FreeSteps, is how choreography can be simply and persistently about the body, especially in today’s world. The practice of SU Wei-Chia engages in a two-week dance rehearsal with a group of seniors. Their bodies, which have accompanied them for so long, are characterized by their unique contours, muscle features, skeletons and postures. These elements of beauty are only found in senior dancers and have become the primary focus of SU’s ten-year choreographic project FreeSteps, which draws from the individual narratives and experience of professional dancers, seniors and the young ones to choreograph the body.


Choreographers |SU Wei-Chia

Rehearsal Assistant|FANG Yu-Ting,CHEN Pei-Rong 

Performers|YU Wen-Hui, WANG Hsiao-Ling, WANG Li-Ling, HSIANG Ming-De,  HSIN Mei-Chih, CHOU Hsing-Ju, LIN Ruei-Yi, FAN Ting-Kuo, TSUI Yen-Chen, TSAO Su-Hua,  KUO Chin-Hsiu, CHEN Ai-Hsing, TSENG Yun-Ling, CHENG Su-Chen, LAI  Pi-Hsiang 

Technical Director|LIU Chia-Ming 

Lighting Design| KUO Chih-Hsin

Technical Crew| CHANG Chih-Yu, HSU Yu-Ling,  CHANG Yen-Min, TSENG Tse-Hung, TSAI Chia-Ching 

Production team|Aeropack Design & Production Company

Associate Producer| CHIEN Ching-Tzu 


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