Premiere Time

2020.04.11 Sat. – 2020.05.24  Sun. 11:30 – 20:00

Premiere Venue

Open Space on 1st& 2nd Floor, Tutu Gallery, NTT

For the seventh year in his decade-long choreography project, SU Wei-chia has once again explored out the distinctive contours of the NTT. In FreeSteps AR Yours, audiences use their tablets or smartphones as they walk freely within various spaces in the venue, while using augmented reality technology to see different dimensions of the dance.


In this work, SU continues his interest in exploring the body. With refined physicality and dance journey of six acclaimed Taiwanese dancers, the body landscape is delineated along selected curvatures in the NTT, each offering a different perspective of the dancers. With the help of digital technology, time and space are no longer limits, allowing the audience to freely traverse time and distance, spectating and performance.


FreeSteps AR Yours extends the timeline, hoping to develop a new form which can better document the dancer’s body and the performance space and to make it more accessible to the greater public…  “Viewing” as an artistic experience is no longer confined to the filming angles or selected shots, but provides a 360-degree documentation in terms of spectatorship.  

Culture Express, June 2020

Journalist, Hung Tzu-Wei

As the spectators of FreeSteps AR Yours interact with their surroundings on an app to scan and detect to trigger the image, they also become a “technical individual” of a “human-machine body.”  Therefore, the spectator’s physical participation is as much demanded as the choreographic strategy.  The spectator has to rethink about their relation with the body modified by the surroundings (the AR dancer), and the participator will no longer depends on their feelings to experience as in the past, since by adopting the new technological object, the nature of the body has been changed as such that physicality creates a new participatory experience.  

Performing Arts Review Platform, May 2020

Critic, I-Wen Chang


Choreographer/Concept | SU Wei-Chia

Dancer | CHEN Wu-Kang, CHOU Shu-Yi, CHANG Chien-Ming, LEE Yin-Ying,  WU Meng-Ke, FANG Yu-Ting

Consultant | Escher Tsai


Panoramic Synchronization Photography | Solid Memory

Graphic Design | LEE Shiun-huan

Sound Design | One Litre Sound – HUNG Yu-wen, Lisa Chi-hsia LAI

Recording and Post-production | One Litre Sound – Lisa Chi-hsia LAI

Producer | HUANG Wen

Production Manager | YANG Jung

Main Visual Photography | CHEN Wei-Sheng

Main Visual Post-production | CHIEN Ching-Tzu

Touring History

2020.10.03 Nuit Blanche, Taipei