National Taichung Theater Serinity Corner

2022 marks the ninth year of SU Wei-chia’s FreeSteps, a ten-year choreography project. SU Wei-chia has been exploring the unique physical attributes of performers with AR.

As the previous version redefined how we viewed dance with augmented reality technology, FreeSteps AR Yours 2.0 has taken it to a new level by fully upgrading its shooting equipment and creating an AR booth in the public space of NTT.

AR technology again serves as the medium and viewers can freely switch between different perspectives with tablets and see dancers’ performance in random sequence as they wish. 7 excellent dancers, 1 actor and 1 percussionist from Taiwan are captured with the technology, allowing the audiences to closely experience their unique motion in a supreme way.


PHOTO:National Taichung Theater


Choreographer & Concept / SU Wei-chia

Dancer / CHEN Wu-kang, CHOU Shu-yi, WU Yu-hsien, PAN Bo-ling, FANG Yu-ting, CHEN Pei-yung, LI Wei-han

Actor / WEI Chun-chan

Percussion / HSUEH Yung-chih

Panoramic Synchronization Photography / Solid Memory

AR programmer / XIAO Fu-ren

Graphic Design / LEE Shiun-huan

Sound Design / One Litre Sound, HSUEH Yung-chih, FANG Kuan-cheng

Consultant / Escher TSAI

Producer / HUANG Wen

Associate Producer / YANG Jung