2018.12.23 Sun. 11:00-19:00


Crane Gallery

FreeSteps – 2 Dancer, 8 Hours is a durational dance performance of fluidity that explores every possibility within and beyond the conventional theatrical space as shown in its development context.   The one-week on-site rehearsal before the performance, especially the intensive encounter with different spaces, floors, and spatial-temporal situations, has inspired the choreographer SU Wei-Chia to come up with new bodily materials.   The dance and performance meandering through the landing between or across the second and third floors thus create a conversation with spectators beyond the borders of different time and space.  Following the dancers’ flowing movement around the whole space, it also provides a different spectatorial approach and angle, with which spectators can freely decide their gaze directions and join the flow of the dancers’ movement between the floors, to become part of the danced contour in a more direct and unified way.


In addition to the clearly visible materiality of “shadow” and “trace,” there still exists an important medium as a sentimental measurement of time, which is the dancer’s body.    Throughout the passage of time and the gradual exhaustion (change) of strength, the dancer’s gaze, expression, and gesture have all become the carrier to measure time, while such a carrier is more than sentimental to profoundly affect and inspire.

—HSU Wei-Ying, Critic


Choreographers  | Wei-Chia Su

Rehearsal Assistant | Yu-Ting Fang

Performers | Yu-Ting Fang, Cheng-An Wu

Sound Design | Yannick Dauby

Associate Producer | Jung Yang

General Director | Wei-Chia Su

Artistic Director | Wu-Kang Chen

Producer | Wen Huang

Coordinator | Ming-Hwa Yeh

Rehearsal Assistant | Yu-Ting Fang 

PR & Branding | Tomtom Chuang

Associate Producer | Ching-Tzu Chien

Administration & Ticketing | Ching-Tzu Chien, Spring Chen, Ho-Ju Wu

Project Partners & Acknowledgements | Crane Gallery, HORSE