As a space to create and to produce, the studio of HORSE claims a different possibility which involves the artists and the video documentation of their creative works being introduced to the audience again, while it also invites critics who have responded to the original performances in their writing to join in the event.   Here, the dance studio of HORSE temporally turns into a 180*300 cinema, featuring not only the screening but also the artists’ sharing which allows the audience to respond as well as to receive.  It is a visual feast and a live performance.  

1. KU Ming-Shen v.s. LU Chien-Ying

2019.01.09 Wed. 20:00


2. SUN  Chou-Tai v.s. TIEN Kuo-Pin

2019.02.20 Wed. 20:00


3. LIN Wen-Chung v.s. Diane Baker

2019.03.15 Fri. 20:00


4. LIN Ssu-Tuan v.s CHANG Chung Shiuan

2019.04.10 Wed. 20:00




Curated by HORSE, Back to the Moment Dancing Talking Bar features a series of video-playing sessions to revisit former dance works. Artists and critics were invited to face-to-face talks aimed to recapture the vanishing moments in dance. In combing through the archives to identify the working patterns and purposes of those recapturing sessions, this article, likewise, attempts to “recapture” those “vanished talks”.

      Ruth, NCAFe

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