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In the face of a rapidly changing Covid pandemic, HORSE chose to move the We Island Dance Festival online for 2021. An online dance festival is not a copy of a theater mode, but an opportunity to find out what is unique about going online. For this purpose, HORSE selected “Ling Huo” (separately, “spirit” and “life”; together, “flexibility”) as this year’s keyword. In a people-friendly way, HORSE builds on the foundation of the 2020 festival and hopes to spread the beauty of dance through the internet to a wider audience. This online version of the festival consists of high-quality but low-threshold programs. This should help increase the reach of Shulin Arts Center’s brand and deepen the brand image of “Shulin Arts Center = flexible high-quality shows”. When the Shulin Arts Center resumes in-person events, the wide audience gained from the 2021 online version will have maximum effects in expanding the influence of the Center.


《My Dance And Me》

My Dance And Me assembles the best from the dance world. A total of 39 videos featuring 16 dancers were filmed at the Shulin Arts Center. Through dance performances, speeches and Q and A sessions, these videos reveal the minds of the dancers as they progressed through their career. It is an attempt to show the audience what “dance” is and the possibilities of how the Shulin Arts Center can be used. Each artist has their unique skills, just as each chef has a bottle of secret sauce in their cabinet, to showcase their unique talent.


Artist::WANG Yeu Kwn , Watan Tusi , KU Ming Shen , TIEN Hsiao Tzu , CHIU I Wen , LIN Wen Chung , LIN Ting Syu , LIN Su Lien , HUNG Chia Lin , HUANG Huai Te , LIU I Ling , LIU Jun De , CHUNG Chang Hung , HSUEH Yu Hsien , SU Pin Wen , Anastasia Melati


《I’m Still Here》

Huang Huai-te and Chung Chang-hung are invited to create a strip-program-type artist reality show. The two artists allow themselves to be filmed live between 5 pm and 8 pm on each day from December 7th to 11th. For five days in a row, they will allow the audience to observe their eureka moments and how they turn those inspirations into repeatable concepts. Viewers can watch from home, their office or while commuting on all kinds of devices such as smartphones or computers. The unique charisma of dance is that it can take place anytime and anywhere. The casualness of I’m Still Here makes it the most compatible format of promotion in an internet setting.

《WIDF Online Dance Workshop》

16 Free Online Dance Workshops


From ballet to modern dance, flamenco to indigenous foot scripts, and whether you are a beginner or a veteran seeking to learn different dance styles, you can all find something that suits you. Let’s jump together and sharpen our dance moves anytime and anywhere.

《Dance, Dance, Take Me On》

The talk session in We Island Dance Festival focuses on how choreographers and dancers see the weight of dance in their lives.


First  How To Understand Contemporary Dance

Speaker: CHEN Po-Chieh 


Second  Inaglunagan, a Word as a Path  

Speaker: Wantan Tusi 

Third  My Life in Flamenco 

Speaker: HSUEH Yu-Hsien


《My Notes On Dance 2021》

An open class for beginners on how to write dance reviews, by WEI Wan-Jung, CEO of OISTAT, and the advocator to cultivate personal and relatable perspectives to facilitate easy conversations about dances.


《WIDF Online Party》

Transcending geographical limitations, the team will hold an opening ceremony and a closing party online on December 6th and 19th, the first day and the last day of the event. It will give artists, festival participants, dance lovers and the curatorial team a chance to gather and talk to each other on the internet while holding drinks at their respective homes. It will allow them to talk in-depth and create the possibilities of having directing exchanges in the future.

Curator|CHEN Wu Kang , SU Wei Jia , WEI Wan Rong

Artist|WANG Yeu Kwn , Watan Tusi , KU Ming Shen , TIEN Hsiao Tzu , CHIU I Wen , LIN Wen Chung , LIN Ting Syu , LIN Su Lien , HUNG Chia Lin , CHEN Po Chieh , HUANG Huai Te , LIU I Ling , LIU Jun De , CHUNG Chang Hung , HSUEH Yu Hsien , SU Pin Wen , Anastasia Melati

project Manager|HSIA Man Ching , HUANG Wen

Administrative coordinationWEI Wan Rong

Lighting Direction|LAI Ke Zhu

Technical Execution|WANG Li Xuan , LUO You Lun

graphic designLI Hsun Huan

Website Creation|CHEN Zheng  Dao

video shooting|QianMo Studio

HORSE Administrative team|YANG Jung , Iris Li , CHEN Mei Wen

OISTST Administrative teamCHEN Wei Ping , WANG Chen Xin , YOU Si Yun

Composer|Blaire KO

lyricistWANG Chen Xin , WEI Wan Rong

singer|HUANG Huai Te



cooperation partner|