2021/09/18 (Sat.) 17:00

Choreographer Chen Wu-Kang, video director Ray Sun and stage director Wang Chia-Ming devise the collaborative project 14,supported and initiated by Esplanade–Theatres on the Bay, Singapore. Wish to invite artists, co-producers and art institutions to the “theatre in the void” to prepare for a new possible viewing distance and spectatorial relationship in the future.


Each co-producer from 5 different countries of this project will work with 4 artists to contribute each artist’s 14 minutes in the void theatre to complete a 5-hour live-streaming performance in relays with open collaboration, showing how the artists from a wide spectrum reflect upon issues such as isolation, art, performance, theatre, time, eco-friendly, air travel, distance, life, pause,postponement, mask, air, embrace, breath, document, Internet, online, Virtuality, and Physicality after a year of the pandemic and to further explore a possible change in the nature of performance.


Concept | CHEN Wu Kang and SUN Ruey Horng

Dramaturg|TANG Fu Kuen

Director|Tora HSU

Choreographers&Performers|WANG Ning, TIEN Hsiao Tzu, LIU I Ling, Anastasia Melati

Commentator | YU Yen Fang

Video Director|CHEN Wei Sheng

Director of Photography|CHEN Kuan Yu

Photography Assistant |WU Ching Hsuan, BIAN Zheng Yao

Light Design | HSU Shao Hsiang

Stage Manager|SUN Wei Zhen

Lighting Direction|WANG Li Hsuan

Audio Direction|Andrew CHAO

Technical Execution | CHU Wei Ting, CHANG Wen Hsin, CHIU Chih Hsin , HUANG Yen Hsun, LI Chia Lu, LIN Shih Jie, LO Yu Tsan, SUE Xiao Yun, TANG Yu Hsuan, TONG Wang Ting, LAN Ge Fang , XIE Ming Ting, XU Hui Ting

Production Coordinator|Ann WU, Joanne YEN

Production |KING KONG WAVE Production

Consultant | WANG Chia Ming

Producer | HSIA Man Ching

Associate Producer | HUANG Wen

Production Manager | YANG Li Chiao

Creative Assistant | WU Ho Ju

Website Creation | CHEN Cheng Tao

Visual Design | O.OO

Music Design | Blaire KO

Live-streaming construction | Voxel Vision Technology Corp.


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