2022/04/22 (Fri.) 19:30 

2022/04/23 (Sat.) 14:30

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2022/04/24 (Sun.) 14:30


Experimental Theater, NTCH

A cross-examination of Chen Wu-kang and Su Wei-chia

a summary of the ten-year relationship between two men

Following Two Men in 2012, Chen Wu-kang and Su Wei-chia, who have been friends for 30 years, once again collaborate with the internationally-renowned director Edward Lam and pianist Lee Shih-yang to create this latest work, Two men, 10 years later, as a chronicle of their lives with a text-based dramatic structure and variable sounds of piano.


While choosing different creative paths 10 years ago, they have separately advanced to different stages in their personal and professional lives. However, facing the turmoil and noises of the outside world, they choose to record their competitive yet intimate relations with dance. Chen Wu-kang and Su Wei-chia — one is rough yet unrestrained, but the other stout yet delicate — will dance together again. Like in a cross-examination, they will face the bilateral relations as well as reconsider and re-narrate the subtle distance between their lives that crossed and, at times, paralleled with each other.


Co-Creator | Wu-kang Chen, Wei-chia Su, Edward Lam

Performer | Wu-kang Chen, Wei-chia Su

Music Design and Performer | Shin-yang Lee

Lighting Design |  Chao-chun Chen

Video Design | Ruey-horng Sun

Stage Design | Yin-chiao Liao

Costume Design | Yu-fang Teng

Photographer | Chang-chih Chen

Trailer & Videographer | Kuan-yu Chen

Rehearsal Assistant | Ho-Ju Wu

Producer | Wen Huang

Production Manager | Mei-wen Chen