The visual identity of HORSE is a Chinese character made of three horses, indicating the strong motivation and  explosive energy. Founded in December 2004, HORSE has established a distinctive profile with delicate physical movements and unrestricted creativities. In 2008, Velocity has won the Taishin Arts Award Taiwan’s grand arts prize. In 2013, 2 Men has won the 1st prize and Audience Award in Kurt Jooss Preis, PACT Zollverein, Essen, Germany. 


In recent years, CHEN Wu-Kang, the artistic director, and SU Wei-Chia, the general director, have developed their unique art praxis. They continue to advance the company into the bright future, a period of metamorphism for them in the Taiwanese contemporary dance scene. 


HORSE is also endeavor on international collaboration, outreach program and curatorial projects.The practices include the platform Primal Chaos Dance x Sounds Improvisation, Back to the moment Dancing Talking Bar, a dance cinema in which creators and commentators have a live sharing, We Island Dance Festival and, Inclusive Arts Program. 

Note: The character 驫 is pronounced as “biao” ,  refers to horses galloping in herd.

Unencumbered and unconventional the performance creates a brand new choreographic language. Innovative in form and concept they open up a new perspective on and in contemporary dance.... Horse, as a successful ensemble with a strong identity, is full of potential and pros- pects.
Taishin Arts Award

HORSE Artist


Artistic Director | CHEN Wu-Kang 

General Director | SU Wei-Chia 

Choreographers | CHEN Wu-Kang, SU Wei-Chia 

Performers | CHOU Shu-Yi, FANG Yu-Ting, CHEN Pei-Rong,  CHUNG Chang-Hung,

Rehearsal Assistant | FANG Yu-Ting, WU Ho-Ju

Operation Consultant / Costum Design | TENG Yu-Fang

Website Consultant  | CHEN Cheng-Tao


Producer | HUANG Wen 

Company Coordinator | YEH Ming-Hwa 

Project Touring Manager | LIN Nung  

Administration Associate | CHEN Mei-Wen, YANG Jung, CHEN Spring, Iris LI

HORSE is supported by the National Cultural and Arts Foundation, and the Department of the Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government.

TAIWAN TOP演藝團隊  國家文化藝術基金會 台北市文化局